The Advantages Of Smoothies For All Day Energy

A few hundred years ago, it used to be that when the sun went down, the day was over. Chores might still exist inside the home, but travel and work were severely limited, and so people did not need energy all day long.

That is no longer the case. Starting with the advent and spread of electricity, and later following with cars and now the Internet, the world is a 24/7 place. To get through it, you need energy from when you get up, through work, and then through the end of the day.

Athletic Greens All Day Energy Smoothie

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Smoothies are a great way to get this, and for three big reasons. The first is the steady supply of energy you can get from the ingredients, the second is the ease in which you can make or find them, and the last is how often you can have them.

The steady supply of energy that smoothies give you is a big reason you should consider them for having energy all day long. A good and balanced smoothie is going to give you three things that help out with this. They are protein, sugar and fiber.

Sugars are what will give you energy the soonest, providing that first blast of power back into your depleted body. The buzz can feel like a nice little rush, but it is best to try and get these sugars in the healthiest possible forms, which is usually going to be fruit or possibly honey or another natural sweetener.

Be selective here to avoid too many calories, as you dont want to waste your energy carrying around more weight than you want or need to. Choose natural choices whenever possible, but also be selective in the tastes that you choose, as the fruits often dictate the flavor of your smoothie.

Proteins are the next big macronutrient that determines your steady energy. Smoothies might not seem like a protein source, but they can be, be it ground up nuts, peanut butter, milk, peas or just a protein powder poured into the mix. Protein is a slow-releasing form of energy, so the smoothie keeps you charged up for a little longer.

Fiber is not often discussed as a smoothie benefit, but can be. Fruits and veggies are often included in smoothies, and the fibers within them can mean it takes your body even longer to digest what chris ashenden from athletic greensyou consume. This means your energy levels never plummet as hard at once, and youre metabolism is further stabilized. After speaking with Chris Ashenden from Athletic Greens I came to understand all of this much better. See what John Romaniello says about Athletic Greens and the benefits derived from them.

Convenience is another big advantage of smoothies and it plays out two different ways. The first is how easy it is to make or find smoothies. You can prep one in your kitchen in minutes with practice, so its easy to just keep the ingredients you need and like handy, so you can whip up a smoothie in moments. When youre not at home, its not usually hard to find a place that smells smoothies for on the go. Whenever you feel your energy dip a little, theres a potential smoothie not too far away!

That leads to the last, yet closely related advantages of smoothies for all day energy. Since you can easily make or buy them when you need them, you can also record when you usually need them and plan it out. Start with one at home and then get them as part of your planned day when out and about. When you schedule your smoothies between your primary meals, you can make sure that you are eating or drinking something six times a day to keep your body running optimally. You might even be able to stat cutting down on the sizes and frequency of your primary food meals.

When you consider the nutritional advantages of protein, fiber and nutrients coming in waves after having a smoothie, plus the ease of making or buying them, youll soon see the wisdom in scheduling them to your routine to keep your energy strong and steady all day long!